Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Simple Things...

Yesterday, being saturday, Matt (husband) Cooper (son) and I went into Tweed to go shopping and visit my mum. Tweed Heads is 20 mins from where i live in Murwillumbah, not that far at all.

 Now when Cooper and i are at home and its been raining for a while and hes starting to get a little bit annoyed from being inside all day, i take him outside for a few minutes to play and spin in the rain. We both have so much fun, although my neighbours think im nuts im sure lol.
It started raining again while we were visinting my mum and cooper wanted to go outside. So my mum got out the umbrella and took him outside. After a while she gave up on the umbrella because Cooper was having such a fantastic time running aound in the rain. The sight of my mum and 2 yr old toddler running around together in the rain was something I will remember for a long time. Something so simple brought my little boy and his nana so much joy, and created such great memories.
                                         It really is the simple things  in life that mean the most.

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