Friday, February 27, 2015

Crafting for a cause...

So I saw a post the other day about an organisation that makes pamper bags for mums with kids on the spectrum. They were looking for people that made cards- hoping to get a few donations of cards for these bags.
Being a parent to 2 boys on the spectrum I really loved this idea. It was perfect for me because I love making cards but find I have nothin to do with them once I make them. I have lots of fab stamps sets I like to try out. I send cards to the Cards for Troops organisation at Xmas and Mother's Day for the same reason. 
I sent a message and signed up. I'm happy that my cards are going to a good cause. And one I have personal experience in.
So that is what I have been doing for the past few days. And so far, this is my fave card. It's using the Stampin Up! Lotus flower set- fantastic!
I actually made the backround when I was testing out the stamp set and trialing out colour combos. It looked so cute I couldn't waste it so I turned it into a card. And I love it.

Happy scrapping

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Using my stamps

So I love using my stamps- I have a nice collection of Stampin Up stamps that I just love using. 
So today being my sisters birthday is just another excuse to get them out lol.
I saw this technique I have been wanting to try "triple stamping".
Well I don't like the amount of layers so I only did 2 for my card- but I still like the technique.
Very happy with how it turned out. The new lotus stamp is just fabulous too. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

My very own DIY "clip it up"

So I have always hated my embellishment storage. It was just all my packets thrown together in a messy desk organiser. I never went threw it and didn't know half the stuff I had in there- so there for didn't use half of what I had. 
Then I saw the fabulous Clip it up. Looked great. But didn't have the funds or access to one. So I went on to pinterest- who doesn't love Pinterest. And I saw that people were making their own from lamp l shades!! Yes, lamp shades! Brilliant, no? 
So I went right out and brought myself a cheap lamp and this is what I have now 

It's not flash or fancy but it def does the job and I love it! I can see all my stuff at a glance and am more likely to use it now.
Gotta love Pinterest! 

Happy scrapping

Friday, February 20, 2015

It's Project Life kind of weather...

So anyone else on my side of the world knows that Tropical Cyclone Marcia is sending the rain our way and in my little part of the world, that makes for some perfect crafting weather.
So I'm catching up on my 2015 album.
Now I have recently started PLing weeks as well as my usual events- how do I do both you ask? Well I mix and match and go with what works. So while I have a week 1 & 2 in my album,I will have this spread instead of a week 3. Make sense? 
Works for me :) so I'm happy.

This layout was of my 2 boys- well 3 if you include the husband, bowling. My boys love bowling, even my youngest who usually doesn't like anything lol.
All that is missing is the date.
I like the look of journaling/embellishing straight onto the photo. Doing it a lot more lately.

Thanks for looking
Happy scrapping
Chrissi xxx

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More Pocket page letters...

So I'm rexieved my first pocket page letter the other day. I'm in love with this new trend (link to video in previous post).

So I am starting my next pocket page to send back to my new pal- it's so addictive, I started on it as soon as I rexieved hers :)

One of my fave quotes- by Vincent Van Gogh

Friday, February 13, 2015

I love my kikki k

ŽSo you may have noticed an older post where I said I jumped on the planner craze. Well I was going to wait for the Simple Stories Life Documented Planner. With the hold ups that occurred with this line I ended up not wanting to wait lol.
So on Jan 1st I made my first visit to Kikki K at Robina.
I was in love!!
And I brought my very first planner- the gorgeous gold planner.
Isn't it gorgeous? :)
Want a peek at my week?
Yes that is a robo cop movie marathon scheduled in for Valentnes Day :)

December daily- yes I know it's feb!

So yesterday I finally managed to get back into my December Daily. Yes I do realise it is feb- but my mojo was on hiatus over the pat few months. 
I got it back in force recently though . I'm planning on doing an album from my cruise last nov, keeping up to date with 2015 and my goal this weekend is to finish my DD.
Wish me luck and happy scrapping.
(pics ahead)

Pocket page letters...

So have you heard of the new trend?
Pocket page letters.
It is a way of sending pen pal letters in pocket pages (think project life style).
Thought up by Jannette Lane, This new trend is taking Instagram by storm, and yes I joined the messes.

Today I rexieved my first pocket page letter. I was so excited lol.

I've sent 3 out so far with a list of many more to go. It's is quite addictive and very easy to find a pal to swap with esp thanks to the facebook group designed for this purpose lol.
Watch the videos and join the fun :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Forever Love to scrapbook

So I finally sat at my scrap desk again and got some scrapping done.
I decided to do a layout for the Deer and Fawn feb challenge.
The challenge was to make a pocket page layout using the word love, OR a 12x12 layout using pocket page cards, also including the word love.
This is what I came up with...