Sunday, August 26, 2012

A good night to Scrap

Looking forward to doing some scrapping tonight- if this headache goes away that is lol.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fairy trinket box

Now that the birthday girl has gotten her trinket box, I can show you all.
I had a lot of fun making this box, and the kaisercraft magic happens collection was perfect for this project.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kindy glitz is getting a work out

I'm almost finished with an order from a friend for her daughters birthday. She wanted a trinket box with a great theme: Fairies!!
I'm loving it! :)
The kaisercraft magic happens range is perfect for this and I'm having a great time making it.
And yes, the Lindy glitz is getting a hell of a work out tonight :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

New project

I finished this up tonight. Round mirror measuring 25cm.I really like how it turned out, and I'm looking forward to making more in all different designs.

My very own business card

I was so excited when these arrived, I thought I'd share it with you all :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Latest Creation

I made this desk organiser just the other night. I dont often get to use girlie/pretty papers, seeing as i have 2 boys that are mostly always my scrapping subjects, so i really enjoyed putting this together.
I used papers and embellishments my favorite brand Kaisercraft. I just love their blooms and new Collectables.

My Crafty Creations

Chrissi's Custom Made Crafts
"Handmade custom crafts. Make great gifts. Jewellery boxes, Trinket boxes, Wall and door plaques and many other wood crafts.Any colours and themes, made to order."

The Box that Started in All
I made this trinket box one night and i posted it on facebook in my scrapbooking album. A friend saw it and loved it. She asked if i was selling them cause shed love to buy one. I told her sure she coud buy it. Then she asked me to make another for her Aunts bday- i was more then happy. I made a plaque for my new baby, and a few other boxes aswell while i was in the crafty mood. 
With my firends idea in mind I decided i might give selling my stuff a go. I made a facebook page- and Chrissi's Custom Made Crafts was born. :-)

Im having so much fun making new things and selling them on my page. I custom make anything people might want, anything thats on my page. I can customise any project- colours, themes, papers, embellishments. Ive already had a few orders for a few trinket small boxes and those customers have been really happy wih the result.

Long time no chat

As always its been far to long. Alots happened, as it does as time goes by.
We now have a new member in the family, young master William- now 4 months old, how time flys. Cooper is doing great, Autism cant hold that little boy down :-)
Ive recently discovered Pinterest- soooo addicitve, have had to drag myself away just to post here. And of course theres always the iphone/ipad and its infinant amount of Apps, again very addicitve. Ive just learnt that Blogger has an app for the iphone, which will make keeping up with my blog so much more easier- or so i hope :-)
Weve recently just moved, and i now have my own 'space inside, in a study like area. Im getting right back into my crafting. Funnily enough i havent done a whle lot of scrapping, but lots of beyond the page stuff. I LOVE kaisercraft- my fave brand. And they have a great range of off the page stuff- im hopelessly addicted. Ive been putting some stuff together using their fabulous stuff, and have even recently sold a few things to some friends.
That was when i was hit with my brain wave. I created a facebook page- cause everyone is on facebook of course, and have started a little business of sorts, if you can call 'crafting in your spare time and hoping someone likes it enough to say ill have one of those' a business.!/ChrissisCustomMadeCrafts

Id love it if you came on by, had a looksie, and if your on facebook, like and share my page.