Monday, August 6, 2012

My Crafty Creations

Chrissi's Custom Made Crafts
"Handmade custom crafts. Make great gifts. Jewellery boxes, Trinket boxes, Wall and door plaques and many other wood crafts.Any colours and themes, made to order."

The Box that Started in All
I made this trinket box one night and i posted it on facebook in my scrapbooking album. A friend saw it and loved it. She asked if i was selling them cause shed love to buy one. I told her sure she coud buy it. Then she asked me to make another for her Aunts bday- i was more then happy. I made a plaque for my new baby, and a few other boxes aswell while i was in the crafty mood. 
With my firends idea in mind I decided i might give selling my stuff a go. I made a facebook page- and Chrissi's Custom Made Crafts was born. :-)

Im having so much fun making new things and selling them on my page. I custom make anything people might want, anything thats on my page. I can customise any project- colours, themes, papers, embellishments. Ive already had a few orders for a few trinket small boxes and those customers have been really happy wih the result.

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