Friday, June 3, 2011

My MOJO is back to Stay....!!!

At last, after far far too long of being MIA, my scrap mojo is back, and this time to stay. Already this week ive created 2 scrap layouts, with plenty more in mind.
Its been so long since i sat down to scrap a layout, my mojo just went missing. After my nephew was born (7 weeks ago) obviously i wanted to scrap some of those gorgeous pics of him. The first layout i did was my favorite photo taken just minutes after he was born.
Since then my mojo has been back in full swing. :-)
Im also hoping that this motivation spreads itself to my blogging....
Im always complaining that i dont blog enough, and obviously this is my fault lol, so hopefully ill stick to my goal of blogging more often. Hold me to this lol.

This was the first layout id made in months. I love this photo of my mum, my sister and myself saying Hi to my nephew.

I decided to make this layout for my best friends birthday, as a present for her.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where oh where have you been.....?

It doesnt matter how much i try i always find serious gaps in my blogging. Its shocking. I really gotta get on top of it.
I havent done ANY blogging since late last year, and ive only JUST started making cards again for the first time in months. But i havent made a scrap layout in even longer. Im hoping to change all that but.
We recently moved and i now have my own scrap space in our garage- im over the moon to have my own space. So now i have the space, i need the motivation lol.
I have a few ideas for some scrap layouts i want to do. Year before last i made my mum a scrapbook for christmas, a 'year in review' of my son. I loved this idea and i have decided to do one for every year now. Im going to go back to 08 and start from there.