Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where oh where have you been.....?

It doesnt matter how much i try i always find serious gaps in my blogging. Its shocking. I really gotta get on top of it.
I havent done ANY blogging since late last year, and ive only JUST started making cards again for the first time in months. But i havent made a scrap layout in even longer. Im hoping to change all that but.
We recently moved and i now have my own scrap space in our garage- im over the moon to have my own space. So now i have the space, i need the motivation lol.
I have a few ideas for some scrap layouts i want to do. Year before last i made my mum a scrapbook for christmas, a 'year in review' of my son. I loved this idea and i have decided to do one for every year now. Im going to go back to 08 and start from there.

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