Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Got My MOJO Back!!!

Howdy all. :o)

After months and months of non scrappyness, I have FINALLY got my mojo back.
For the first time in about 3 months i sat down to create, in the scrap sense. My little sister turned 18 yesterday, and instead of reaching into my stash, I MADE a new card for her. It was the first card I'd made in months. I still havent done a scrap layout but I feel one on the horizon lol. I also made a few ATCs over the week too. My mojo is well and truely back in full swing :-)
My sisters card.... Simple, but i like it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pages from my Art Journal.

These are some pages from my art journal.

This is one of my faveorites. Its was about 3am when i did this, and for the 5th night in a row I just couldnt get to sleep.

Another AJ Page

This is another art journal page I did for a different swap. Every few weeks, in a journal group im in, we recieve a journal and after writting in it for 2 weeks, we send it on to our next partner. Its a journal round robin of sorts. This is a page i did for that journal.

This was a quote my Yr 12 art teacher once said to me after seeing my workspace :-) Yes, Im a messy creator lol. Its since become my faveorite defence.

Inside an Artists Mind Swap

Recently I signed up for a swap on Swap- Bot called Inside an Artists Mind. In this swap we have to fill a 20 page sketch book with our 'creativity', and send it on to our swap partner. Along with our preferred playlist of music that inspires us. Im choosing to paint, as well as art journal alot of my pages. I started on my pages last week, and have been doing at least a few a day. Im really having alot of fun with this swap, and I look forward to recieving my partners too. I've been scanning my pages as i do them, so i can keep 'copies' :-)

 This first one is a line from one of my favorite songs at the moment- "I'll be your lover too"- By Rob Pattinson.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Body of Work.... 7 years later i have it figured.

Last night  I had trouble getting to sleep, so while i was trying to get to sleep as usual i had a million different things running through my head. My mind tends to wonder when im bored. I found myself thinking about different painting techniques i could try and different canvases i wanted to do. Then i started thining about my Yr 12 body of work- My main work of art to be marked for my HSC.
Now, i can't actually remember what i submitted for my BOW 7 years ago- memory problems due to stress lol. But i know i wasnt overly happy with it. Nowadays, with more artistic experience under my belt, i know i could do better. I have a much better way of presenting my theme.
Going off the theme i picked in yr 12- "Bottled Emotions", I re did my BOW in my head. It actually merged and transformed for over an hour :-) and then i figured it out. I know exactly how I could have represented my theme perfectly (surprisingly it had nothing to do with bottles- more so boxes :-) If only I could go back and do it again the way i planned in my head last night lol.
Even though I have no one to submit it to, or no reason to even do it, im going to make my Body of Work. I just wish I could show my yr 12 art teacher how much better I did this time around lol.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Outer Space inspired....

This is one of my favortite paintings so far. I called this "Outer Space Horizon". I blended a number of colours to give me my background. Then I threw paint at the canvas- one of my favorite techniques. :-)

Lets Paint...

My most recent painting. I did this one last weekend. I used a canvas for the backing and attached my painted canvas panels to it to create dimension. Im really happy with the way this turned out.

Time to catch up.....

Its been way to long since i posted on my blog. What is the point of having a blog if you dont post now and then....
Lately ive been spending alot of time swapping thanks to a fabulous site- Swapbot (great site, give it a look). Not only have i been swapping but ive also been painting and adding to my art journal. The one (or 2 things) that i HAVENT been doing lately is actualy scrapbooking or cardmaking. I lost my mojo for a month or so, but im hoping to get back in to it... as well as getting back into my blog. :-)

So from now on, hopefully, ill be posting more of my scrapping and cardmaking, as well as my paintings.
So ta ta for now, and ill see you soon. :-)

Monday, March 15, 2010

365 cards- day 12 circle frenzy.

The challenge was to create a card using 20 or more circles from 2 different sources. I ran core' dinations CS through my circle cuttlebug folder and then sanded it to reveal the colour underneath. Then i used a stamp from my invitation as the second source.

365 cards- Outer Space

When I think of outer space I think of the images of the universe. So when i was comming up with my card that is where i drew my inspiration from. To begin with i sprayed glimmer mist on my backround paper, and then i threw white paint at it. Creating my 'outer space' scene.

Thinking of Outer Space...

One of the challenges on 365 cards blog was to make a card inspired by outter space. Alot of people would think spaceships, aliens, Buzz lightyear- My sons influence lol, but not me.
Ive always loved the stars and the galaxy, ever since i was younger. Astronomy was always my favorite subject. And lately ive been rediscovering my love of the universe lol.
One of my favorite things about the universe is the images it holds. Have you ever seen a pictutre of a nebluar? Pick one, they're all just gorgeous clouds of colour. the images you can forn in your head when you think of outter space are endless.
I love to paint. Couldnt paint a portrait to save my life, but i still love to throw paint at a canvas (literally) and create something.
This is one of my favorites, inspired by the night sky and outer space.

So when the challenge went up reguarding outer space, i was reminded of my paintings and got my inspiration from there.

Monday, March 1, 2010

365 Cards- Signiture style

This week at 365 cards was a  'style and scraplift challenge all rolled into one.' Each design team member made a card based on there signiture style. We were then to make a card in that style as well as scraplift an element of that card.

My first card is number 353 Sophies style. Sophies style is 'Clean and Simple'. The element i scraplifted was the embossed backround. I used a CS with a different coloured core so when i sanded the top of the embossing it brough through the pink underneath.

My second card is number 362- Amys Style. Amys style is fun, bright, and whimsical, and the element i lifted was the handmade embellishment/'flower'.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Super sketchy week @ 365 Cards

I spent last night and this morning finishing my cards for the 365 cards sketch week. Im really happy with the cards that i made. The first one is for card number 353- Audreys Sketch.  

My second card is for card sketch number 355- Amys skeych. I made this into a 13x8 cm mini card, and sent it to a friend as an acceptance card.

My third card was for card number 356- Sophies sketch. Butterflys are my big fave at the moment. I dont really make a lot of girlie scrapbook pages, so i like to make girlie cards when i get the chance. Alot happen to feature butterflys.

My last card is vickis sketch- card number 367. This was another rsvp im sending to my Gram for an upcomming faimly reunion in May.

I loved doing all this weeks challenges. A whole week of skethces. I love working from sketches, alot of fun.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

365 cards- day 352 Glorias sketch

This week is sketch week  on the 365 cards blog. Every days card will be a new sketch. For Glorias sketch-  number 352, I decided to make a clear card. Clear cards being my new 'thing' at the moment. But i just cant seem to ge the wow factor that i see in other clear cards. O well, gotta keep trying i guess.
This card also fits the stamp n scrap blog challenge- red , black and white.

Monday, February 15, 2010

365 Cards- 346 Tuesday Trio

I finally found some time to update my blog and challenge entries. I had infact made another 3 cards for other  challenges besides this one, but i really dont like them. So i think im going to give them all another shot, and make some cards i AM happy with.

This card was for card 346 Tuesday Trio. Use Scollops, Ink distressing and Ribbon. And the best part was, i made this card using all scrap paper.
I was FINALLY sorting out my scrap paper collection yesterday- by sorting i mean attempting to make it look a little neater. I put my coloured CS in  snap lock bags by colour to save me searching through all my paper to find the colout i want. Its working really well for me so far.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Love is in the Air

This card was made for a challenge on The paper therapy critique group girls post a card sketch every week. I made this card for the sketch challenge, and then realised it also suited 365 cards - love is in the air challenge. Card number 339.
The Challenge was to use the word love somewhere on your card. Inside one of the hearts on the pp I wrote I Love You over and over for a simple personal touch.

365 Cards- Thats familiar

Card # 342 was to use a part of the stamp from the front of the card on the inside aswell. I made the center of my card by blending 2 colour inks together inside a square border, then stamping my flowers over this back round i just made.After i made my card i used one of my flower stamps on the inside panel.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Simple Things...

Yesterday, being saturday, Matt (husband) Cooper (son) and I went into Tweed to go shopping and visit my mum. Tweed Heads is 20 mins from where i live in Murwillumbah, not that far at all.

 Now when Cooper and i are at home and its been raining for a while and hes starting to get a little bit annoyed from being inside all day, i take him outside for a few minutes to play and spin in the rain. We both have so much fun, although my neighbours think im nuts im sure lol.
It started raining again while we were visinting my mum and cooper wanted to go outside. So my mum got out the umbrella and took him outside. After a while she gave up on the umbrella because Cooper was having such a fantastic time running aound in the rain. The sight of my mum and 2 yr old toddler running around together in the rain was something I will remember for a long time. Something so simple brought my little boy and his nana so much joy, and created such great memories.
                                         It really is the simple things  in life that mean the most.

365 Cards Blog- Challenge 343

After i made this card, i realised it suited the 365 card blog #343 challenge.
The challenge was to use 2 different stamp sets together. This card uses my flourish and butterfly stamps.
This card started out as an experiment, but by the time i was finished i was really happy with the way it turned out.
To begin with i sprayed plain white CS with glimmermist, mounted that on whit CS again, then attached to my blue card. The i stamped my images on the glimmermist CS. Instead of using ink, i tryed something different and used white ink. I really like how this effect turned out. Then for a little bling i Kindyglitzed areas of my stamps, and added rhinestones to the end of my flourish.

365 Shape Up Challenge

I made this card for the 365 Card blog Shape up challenge. The challenge was to make the chosen shape ( in this case a heart) STAND OUT on your card.
I had a few different kinds of heart PP. I placed my first pp over a maroon square card id scored. Then i cut out a heart from my 2nd pp, matted it on light purple  CS  and then used foam tape to attach it to the card to give it dimension.
A really simple, but- i think, effective card.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Altered Clock

Febuarys challenge for IIGs Altered Arts topic was to alter a clock face.
Thankfully the instructions on how to dismantle the clock are all there :-) Last night i sat down and took apart my fiddley clock, and went from there. i had such a great time making this clock, and i was really happy with how it turned out. I cant wait to make more :-) This one im going to give to my mum, hence the 'nanas boy' title.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Card Making Morning.

I was going through some blog challenges yesterday and decided to make a start on them this morning. I ended up making 2 cards.

This first one i made for the 2 sketches 4 you  blog, based on the card sketch. I wasnt too sure abou this card when i started making it, but i was really happy with how it turned out. Nice and simple but still rather pretty. :-) 

The 2nd card ended up suiting about 3 different challenges.The 365 cards colour scheme, Mojo Monday sketch, and Practical Scrappers die cut's challenge. The heart in the middle is my die cut of choice. I matted it with 2 flowers, and then i kindy glitzed the petals with a paint brush to give it a little sparkle.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Card sketch.

This is a card i made using a sketch from my Paper Therapy group from
The sketch was posted as part of our ongoing weekly sketch challenge.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Its raining, its pouring...

Its been raining for 4 days now, and as much as i absolutely love the rain all i can think is " My poor washing will never dry in this weather." I have to admit its a great change from the blistering heat we've had lately, but that heat was great to my washing haha.
How sad is that, im complaining about my washing. Oh well, on the up side, great stay at home and scrap weather. Now to just find some spare time ... :-)

My First Ever Post!!

Ok, well this is my first ever attempt at a blog. I created this blog around 2 hours ago and its taken me this long to figure out, what i dare say, are the basics lol. Still have alot to do and to figure out, but its definantly a start :-)