Thursday, June 24, 2010

Body of Work.... 7 years later i have it figured.

Last night  I had trouble getting to sleep, so while i was trying to get to sleep as usual i had a million different things running through my head. My mind tends to wonder when im bored. I found myself thinking about different painting techniques i could try and different canvases i wanted to do. Then i started thining about my Yr 12 body of work- My main work of art to be marked for my HSC.
Now, i can't actually remember what i submitted for my BOW 7 years ago- memory problems due to stress lol. But i know i wasnt overly happy with it. Nowadays, with more artistic experience under my belt, i know i could do better. I have a much better way of presenting my theme.
Going off the theme i picked in yr 12- "Bottled Emotions", I re did my BOW in my head. It actually merged and transformed for over an hour :-) and then i figured it out. I know exactly how I could have represented my theme perfectly (surprisingly it had nothing to do with bottles- more so boxes :-) If only I could go back and do it again the way i planned in my head last night lol.
Even though I have no one to submit it to, or no reason to even do it, im going to make my Body of Work. I just wish I could show my yr 12 art teacher how much better I did this time around lol.

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