Monday, August 16, 2010

Inside an Artists Mind Swap

Recently I signed up for a swap on Swap- Bot called Inside an Artists Mind. In this swap we have to fill a 20 page sketch book with our 'creativity', and send it on to our swap partner. Along with our preferred playlist of music that inspires us. Im choosing to paint, as well as art journal alot of my pages. I started on my pages last week, and have been doing at least a few a day. Im really having alot of fun with this swap, and I look forward to recieving my partners too. I've been scanning my pages as i do them, so i can keep 'copies' :-)

 This first one is a line from one of my favorite songs at the moment- "I'll be your lover too"- By Rob Pattinson.


  1. I really like the trees picture, it appeals to my depressive nature.

  2. I find both of these very inspriing. I just started a tad bit of painting on my layouts and I really enjoy it.