Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 project life

So I'm an currently up to date with my 2016 project life!! Hahahaha 
Seeing as it is only week 2, that's not too bad hahaha.
My first 2 spreads were Pocket Pages, but last night I added a 12x12 layout to compliment my second spread. 

I did a spread of my boys at the park. But I loved this picture so much I wanted to give it its own spread. 

I often do that in my PL album. I do my pocket page spread and then I 12x12 scrap my favourite photo. 

This is my favourite photo of my son on the swing. I absolutely love his fave in this photo. He loves to swing so much and always wants to go higher- which makes me very nervous. But the look of outlaw joy on his face was something I wanted to document.

Thanks for looking and happy scrapping
Chrissi xxx

Process videos!!!

I have been recording, editing and uploading process videos to my YouTube channel like there's no tomorrow lol.
It's very addictive
I have 30 subscribers ATM - yay. 
I'm adding new videos every day, so stop by and let Me know what you think. Would love to hear from you

Happy scrapping

Thursday, January 7, 2016

YouTube here I come!!

So I have just recently branched out into process video territory- and I LOVE IT!!
I started making process videos on the weekend, and haven't been able to stop! I even did voice overs- which is something j didn't think I could ever do!!!

I love watching process videos, and I love getting inspiration from them. Recording myself making layouts was defiantly a change, but oh how I love it. 

So come on over to my channel- have a look around. I have a few videos up, but I am already in the process of editing and uploading even more. 

Thanks for stopping by and
Happy scrapping 
Chrissi xxx

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 layout review

So I'm going through my 2015 albums, taking a little trip down memory lane- have to look through the albums once in a while, and I found some of my favourite PL spreads I wanted to share with you.
I don't know why, but I don't really blog much of my spreads- only the ones I create for challenges. But I thought I would start to blog more layouts, and I'm even in the process of creating my first few process videos- my son keeps stealing his iPad back so editing is taking a little longer then I'd like hahaha.

The first is a trip to the pirate park at Currumbin. My boys love this park.

I mix up my PL albums. I record events- like trips to the park, as well as random weeks here and there. 

There's always something to document- even the every day stuff. This is why I love having an iPhone. I always have a camera on me so I don't miss anything. 

One of my favourites.
I got these cards and embellishments in a kit last year and I wasn't sure what I was going to use them for- them I printed these photos and they were perfect! 

Well thanks for looking at and
Happy scrapping
Chrissi xxx

Too much cuteness

So I'm looking through my albums and I found one of my absolute favourite layouts that I didn't share with you all.
This is a layout of my 2 gorgeous nephews.
Scrapping a 4x4 pic is something new to me, but my sister is an Instagram addict and every pic she takes she edits for Instagram, so I'm stuck stealing the edited pic. 
But I really like how it turned out. It pops out of the backround perfectly. 

Thanks for looking and 
Happy scrapping.
Chrissi xxx