Sunday, November 16, 2014

Planner planning

So ive jumped on the planner band wagon!
A little late I know, but seeing all
The new products comming out twistes my arm.
Im planning (hahaha totally not intentional) to get the simple stories Life Documented collection. It looks like it has everything you need to get started and make a fully customisable planner.

This isn't available here Untill next month so I made a makeshift one, using all printables I found on Pinterest. :)

Oh how I love Pinterest. So I used printables for Nov and Dec and some washi and printed tags. I decided to do these 2 months this style as I'm really busy this time of year and figured it would be perfect to help me stay organised. It's only basic atm, but it'll do till next year.

I'm looking forward to starting my 2015 planner with the simple stories set. So keep on eye out for more posts to come.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sketchy scrapping

So as you can tell by my recent previous posts, christmas is a bit of a theme on this blog atm. 
I love christmas. I already have all my chriTmas stuff out all my supplies :) 
Have set up for my december daily and even did my cover today- which I will put up on another post :D

But I realised I'm a few years behind in my boys Christmas album. I scrap a pic for each year in a special Christmas album I picked up one year.

So using a sketch from scrappy Canary. This is what I came up with

I love using sketches
For inspiration. I find it just flows so much quicker :)
This was the sketch.

So whY do you think? :)

Chrissi xxx

Friday, October 10, 2014

Can't wait for the festive season.

So as you may have guessed, I'm in a rather Christmassy mood a lot lately. 
We love Christmas here, and with all the fabulous christmas ranges comming out, I'm buying more then I dare say I will use for the next few years. But I just cant help it, they are so perfect lol.

So I've been making a lot of Christmas cards this year- yes I started early- it's a great way to get a good Christmas fix before the festive season is upon us lol.
Well today I started making another card. But I was loving it so much that I couldn't possible give it away hahahaha 
So I decided to keep it and will use it in my December Daily album.
Now please tell me I'm not the only one to have done this lol

What you think?

I'm still perfecting my embossing, so it's a little dodgy- haven't embossed in years, but I still love it.

Happy crafting 
Chrissi xxx

Monday, September 29, 2014

Project life wedding guest book.

So my sisters wedding was last weekend, and as you may remember, I was in charge of the gueat book which we had decided to do project life style. 

Well this past week I have been working on her gueat book.
It has come together really well, and I'm really happy about it.

My sister had a photo backdrop and props set up. We got some
Really good pics out of it. I had a brain wave to use the photo booth pics as part of her guest book. They were, after all pics of her guests and great memories at that. 

Once I decided to put the guests pics in the guest book along side their messages to the bride and groom, it all
Came together really quickly. 
I am in love with it, and wish I had discovered project life when I got married lol.

Her colours were gold and black, which was a great colour palette to work with :)

Thanks for looking and happy scrapping 
Chrissi xxx


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Creating in a hurry :)

So my sisters wedding is this Saturday. I've finally got the bridal table glasses done and etched (how I love my cameo), put together the props for the photo booth and made up the sign about the Instagram tag.
Then an hour ago, I remembered that I was also meant to be doing the guest book.
So for the past hour I have been creating my butt off.
My desk is a bomb site.

But I'm really happy at how it turned out. 
Thanks to project life, it is going to be an easy make. Using a project life mini album and aome PL cards, it's a pretty good idea for a guest book :)
The guests are to write their messages on PL cards and I will put it together at a later date.
 So I only had to do the first few pages. Now I tell you what, thanks to my picturemate and my cameo, it was a breeze!!

I love the alphas in the clear pocket with the pic on the next page showing through.

So it is all done ready to go to the decorator tomorrow. I'm pretty happy with it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

December daily album flip through

TSo last year I did my first ever December Daily. Since I'm already getting into the Christmas spirit early this year and getting excited for next years December Daily, I thought I'd show you last years album :)
I made a video if me flipping through it. Very basic lol, and yes I apologise in advance, that is Hanson's MMMMBOP playing in the backround :D
Music Max is having a top 150 number 1's lol.

So enjoy the video, and happy scrapping
Chrissi xxx
Thanks for looking 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Time is flying by...!

So we all have those moments when life gets busy. Barely have time to sit let alone create lol.
September is already shaping up to be a very hectic month. This weekend is my sisters bridal shows, then next weekend is the bucks party ( that my hubby is looking forward to I think lol) then the weekend after that is the wedding.
And I can just imagine that this month is going to go super fast because of all this lol!! 
So I'm hoping I don't get to far behind in my project life, I have some awesome pics I can't wait to put in my album, and on top of that SOME TIME this month, next week if we believe the rumours, the new Heidi Swapp project life collection is set to come out! So I'll be stalking my local ( and by local i mean 20mins away).

So September is shaping up to be very interesting! :) and we all know that after this, the year will just fly by!! 
I'm already loving all the Christmas collections comming out and have even already ordered my December daily kit lol.

Time flys....
Happy crafting
Chrissi xxx

Friday, August 22, 2014

Picture perfect

So I'm a little bit in love with this layout. Considering it is nothing like I was first going for, which is a good thing in the end.  
As I was doing this layout, I wasn't happy with how it was going. And I sort of lost the feel for it. But then I found this gorgeous piece of studio calico vellum and it came together really well. I was in love.
I didn't want to use the whole piece of vellum on the layout because I loved it so much and didn't want to use it up lol. But it was just perfect for this picture. And layered on top of the green, it was perfect.
I put this together using the August Scrappery Kit. With a little help from my silhouette cameo- my best friend.
Thanks for looking, and happy scrapping.

Chrissi xxx

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Unsatisfied scrapping

Do you ever get a photo that you just love SO much That you put off scrapping it because you don't think you can do it justice?
You want something totally spectacular for Thai photo your in love with, and you just can't find what you want. 
You can't bring that vision to life.

Well that's me today. 
I have been putting off scrapping this photo because I jut didn't know what I could do with it to do it justice. I wanted it to be a fantastic page. 

So today I finally sat down to give it a go. Found an embellie I wanted to include, started putting it together. But I just wasn't happy with it. And things kept getting worse. I got more and more dis satisfied with it. The more I tried to make it better the less satisfied I was. It was like a spiral lol. 
I felt it was missin something. I jut can't put my finger on it. 

So this is my "finished" layout.
I say finished because I know it's time to walk away lol. Maybe one day I'll come back to it, or even re scrap this pic of my mum and 2 sisters. But for now, it's in the album.
That's all that matters.

Chrissi xxx

Monday, August 11, 2014

Birthday card

So yesterday was my son's TAs birthday. We really appreciate all she does for our boy, so of course we celebrate her day.
Even if it is just something as simple as a handmade card and a chocolate picnic wrapped in a bow :) 
So thanks to my silhouette I whipped up this quick card, it has to be one of my faves lol. I love this cut.

Quick, simple yet pretty. I made an extra one for my stash :)

Chrissi xxx

My first SIL share.

So i've been playing with my SIL again, surprise surprise, and I had someone ask me last week if I could share one of my files. Thanks to the lovely ladies in my project life FB group, I may have worked this out.
Ok lets see if it works.
If this has worked right, I should have just shared my first silhouette file.
This is my fave Christmas Bauble. This was an image that I traced in silhouette studio. So anyone that gives this a go, let me know if it worked lol, or if there was any probs. Remember i've never used drop box and i've never shared any of my made files, so be kind hahaha.

Happy cutting
Chrissi xxx

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Silhouette Cameo cuts

Well thanks to a fabulous tutorial from Rachel Hodge, that you can fin here:
I have been playing with my cameo all day today. 
This is an awesome tutorial, especially for those who project life. I've been making awesome cuts for my nephew's baby album. 

It's so easy and totally customisable. (Is that a word?) hahahaha

There's so much you can do with this machine. It's never ending goodness :) 
If you don't have one and have been considering getting one, take the plunge. There is heaps of you tube videos and tutorials out there. Once you start using it you will be addicted!
I am...

Chrissi xxx

Friday, August 8, 2014

Project life Value kits

Im loving the new value kits from becky Higgins. 
I've just received mine in the post from my fave online store, and I just started playing with them.

I especially love the Boys Rule kit. Having 2 boys some times it's hard to find collections that can be used for all their pics, but this one is fabulous (it will be perfect for Superhero  Saturday next month :)

So easy to customise and play with. If you have boys go check it out :)

In saying that, I will be stalking Spotlight this month waiting for the new Heidi Swapp project life editions :D

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I love my cameo

I have been playing with my Silhouette Cameo again. I'm in love with this machine. 

I made these 2 cards really easily today thanks to my SIL :)
I've been looking for the perfect Bauble cutout lol. So I have a few spare cut outs laying around. Thought I would put them to good use and made a few more cards.
They are so easy to make thanks to my silhouette :)

Chrissi xxx

Monday, August 4, 2014

Scrapping again

So once the kiddies are in bed, I could get back to my desk again. I've had this picture from my mums birthday las week that I have wanted to scrap.
Now I have always been a 5x7 and recently a 4x6 pic scrapper. Only ever scrapped those 2 sizes. EVER.
So I was interested to see how it would turn out with a smaller pic. For this layout I used a 3x4 pic, and you know what? I loved it. I don't think the photo got lost in the page, it still looks just as good as it would in 4x6 lol.
So I started with my background. I saw a technique I have wanted to try in a you tube video. It's an awesome technique. I love my mist sprays and was excited to find a new way to use them lol. You put the ink on some scrap plastic then smear it on the paper. Turned out really good.

Then I added my phot and embellies and fiddle. I like this layout a lot. I stuck with black red and white and a little grey, I loved the black background in the photo and didn't want to take away from that lol.

So what do you think? :)

Chrissi xxx

Sunday, August 3, 2014

12x12 and Project Life

So since starting my Project Life album for this year,  have discovered that I have gotten my 12x12 mojo back.
I have done more scrapbooking this year alone than I think I have in the past few years. I love including these 12x12 pages in my Project life album. I thought id show you some of my latest pages.
This gorgeous specimen is my nephew Jax. You will no doubt see him in a few of my upcoming spreads. I am currently doing his baby album. I do one side project life and a 12x12 layout for each month. This is one of my favourite layouts from this week. I am actually pretty happy with most of my layouts these days.
Taken on my birthday last Saturday, I just love this picture. This is myself, my 2 sisters and my mum photo bombing Jax's first selfie. I'm in love with this pic so I had to scrap it for my album. 
And lastly, a spread for my youngest sons baby album. I spent the week playing with my new cameo so I had lots of cut outs to play with.
I'm really enjoying scrapbooking again. Project Life has given me a great way to get ALL my pics into an album but also given me room to scrap my faves.

Kaisercraft Saturday Challenge

So Kaisercraft have a Saturday challenge up on their blog. This weeks challenge is to make a birthday card. Well on MY birthday this year, (last Saturday) I made my mum a card. I do something every year for her, because on the day I was born it was a pretty big day for her too lol. So I figured it counted for the challenge :-)
This is my entry.


Christmas is (not really) coming!

So yesterday I made a start in my Christmas cards. Yes you read right friends, my Christmas cars. Don't go checking your calendars, yes it is only august lol. 
My 6 year old has been begging to put up our tree, and adding things to his Christmas list already. Like me, he loves Christmas lol. It sort of got me in the festive spirit.
Now for a paper crafter, it's been years since I made ant Xmas cards. I think I just always left it too late (ha!) and thought it to much of a hassle. Well this year I dove right in.

It started with just looking for some bauble cut files for my NEW silhouette cameo. Then before I knew it, I was putting together some cards- I blame Pinterest personally lol.

So I thought I'd show you what I made with a few paper scraps, some printed images and some random supplies floating around on my desk. Literally!
These were nice and simple cards, quick and easy to make, perfect for mass producing Xmas cards lol.

So this is literally what I started with: a few card bases, some scrap paper, some printed images and some bling. I didn't have a nice merry Christmas stamp, but I found these awesome rubons in my stash, perfect. 

                                              And this is what I came up with.

I love the simplicity but the festiveness of these cards. So I think I'll defiantly start making some more. Any excuse really to get creative at my desk.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Addressing you fabulous commenters on my previoulsy neglected blog..

I have to say Thankyou All!!!
I have only just realised I even HAD comments on my blog!! I'm so very sorry I never replied, but I have loved reading them, and thankyou all.

From now on I will try very hard to stay up to date with my blogging, and comments.

Over a year.... Yikes!!!!!

Yep, it really has been over a year since I have blogged :$ 
And in that year, I have found a new love- Project Life :)
Who's heard of PL, raise your hands? 
It is a fabulous method for scrapbooking memories, quickly and fabulously. I started late last year with my December Daily album-

which soon turned into my complete 2013 album. I'm in love.
But in the process of making my albums, I'm also getting more scrapbooking done then I have been in a while. I'm combining my 12x12 layouts with my PL layouts. 

So I defiantly have my crafty mojo back, and loving it :)