Sunday, November 16, 2014

Planner planning

So ive jumped on the planner band wagon!
A little late I know, but seeing all
The new products comming out twistes my arm.
Im planning (hahaha totally not intentional) to get the simple stories Life Documented collection. It looks like it has everything you need to get started and make a fully customisable planner.

This isn't available here Untill next month so I made a makeshift one, using all printables I found on Pinterest. :)

Oh how I love Pinterest. So I used printables for Nov and Dec and some washi and printed tags. I decided to do these 2 months this style as I'm really busy this time of year and figured it would be perfect to help me stay organised. It's only basic atm, but it'll do till next year.

I'm looking forward to starting my 2015 planner with the simple stories set. So keep on eye out for more posts to come.

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