Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Addressing you fabulous commenters on my previoulsy neglected blog..

I have to say Thankyou All!!!
I have only just realised I even HAD comments on my blog!! I'm so very sorry I never replied, but I have loved reading them, and thankyou all.

From now on I will try very hard to stay up to date with my blogging, and comments.

Over a year.... Yikes!!!!!

Yep, it really has been over a year since I have blogged :$ 
And in that year, I have found a new love- Project Life :)
Who's heard of PL, raise your hands? 
It is a fabulous method for scrapbooking memories, quickly and fabulously. I started late last year with my December Daily album-

which soon turned into my complete 2013 album. I'm in love.
But in the process of making my albums, I'm also getting more scrapbooking done then I have been in a while. I'm combining my 12x12 layouts with my PL layouts. 

So I defiantly have my crafty mojo back, and loving it :)