Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bittersweet.... Scrap the tough stuff too.

So I really struggled with this layout. As in it took me 4 days to do it. Not physically but emotionally. 
I knew I wanted to use this grey paper with a pop of pink as the base- really wanted to focus on the colour over the grey. 
I even had my multimedia back round finished before I had my photo picked. I really struggled with picking the picture. That alone took me 2 days. I wasn't sure if I wanted to put it in the album, if I wanted to remember that moment. But I figured there was no other photo I would want in its place. I even tried a few alternitives. But in the end it worked.

Once I had my pic the whole layout came together pretty quickly.
The backround took the longest, with the paint smears, the modelling paste and the inking. But I was happy with it in te end. With such a busy backround with lots of colour I chose to keep the embellishments to a minimum to focus on te photo. I didn't want to overload the layout.

This was a big lesson for me in documenting everything. Even the tough moments. This is the last photo I have with my beautiful mum and i wanted to document that. That moment, that love.
 I will never forget that moment- exactly what I was thinking as I was looking at her. 

Chrissi xxx

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Babies babies and more babies :)

It seems everyone is either pregnant or just had a baby. Must be somethin in the water. 
Personally, 2 close friends just popped out little ones within days of one another- one boy one girl :) so I have been making baby cards- and loving it I might add lol.
This one went down with an adorable little out fit for miss Charlotte. I have boys so I don't get to use much pink, so I loved making this.
This one was more in my comfort zone- for little master Lucas :)
This one included an adorable set of overalls lol and some advice about being in a house of boys from personal experience - "there will be mud, there will be blood and there will be mischief. Go with the flow and learn to laugh it off lol."

And my fave to finish it off. Another friend is expecting, so I made this clean and simple baby bump card- I just love it :)

Happy scrapping
Chrissi xxx