Thursday, September 18, 2014

Creating in a hurry :)

So my sisters wedding is this Saturday. I've finally got the bridal table glasses done and etched (how I love my cameo), put together the props for the photo booth and made up the sign about the Instagram tag.
Then an hour ago, I remembered that I was also meant to be doing the guest book.
So for the past hour I have been creating my butt off.
My desk is a bomb site.

But I'm really happy at how it turned out. 
Thanks to project life, it is going to be an easy make. Using a project life mini album and aome PL cards, it's a pretty good idea for a guest book :)
The guests are to write their messages on PL cards and I will put it together at a later date.
 So I only had to do the first few pages. Now I tell you what, thanks to my picturemate and my cameo, it was a breeze!!

I love the alphas in the clear pocket with the pic on the next page showing through.

So it is all done ready to go to the decorator tomorrow. I'm pretty happy with it.

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