Monday, March 15, 2010

Thinking of Outer Space...

One of the challenges on 365 cards blog was to make a card inspired by outter space. Alot of people would think spaceships, aliens, Buzz lightyear- My sons influence lol, but not me.
Ive always loved the stars and the galaxy, ever since i was younger. Astronomy was always my favorite subject. And lately ive been rediscovering my love of the universe lol.
One of my favorite things about the universe is the images it holds. Have you ever seen a pictutre of a nebluar? Pick one, they're all just gorgeous clouds of colour. the images you can forn in your head when you think of outter space are endless.
I love to paint. Couldnt paint a portrait to save my life, but i still love to throw paint at a canvas (literally) and create something.
This is one of my favorites, inspired by the night sky and outer space.

So when the challenge went up reguarding outer space, i was reminded of my paintings and got my inspiration from there.

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