Sunday, February 22, 2015

My very own DIY "clip it up"

So I have always hated my embellishment storage. It was just all my packets thrown together in a messy desk organiser. I never went threw it and didn't know half the stuff I had in there- so there for didn't use half of what I had. 
Then I saw the fabulous Clip it up. Looked great. But didn't have the funds or access to one. So I went on to pinterest- who doesn't love Pinterest. And I saw that people were making their own from lamp l shades!! Yes, lamp shades! Brilliant, no? 
So I went right out and brought myself a cheap lamp and this is what I have now 

It's not flash or fancy but it def does the job and I love it! I can see all my stuff at a glance and am more likely to use it now.
Gotta love Pinterest! 

Happy scrapping

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