Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Meet the family...

I have realised, in my lasts few posts I have made reference to my 2 boys and my man child husband. They feature a lot  in my scrapbooking so I thought I would introduce you to them .

First up- the man child husband :) he is without a doubt my biggest child and requires the most supervision. Yes that's him peeking out of the hammock.

Next we have Master 7. 
Most commonly referred to as Buddy. He got that nickname from his little brother. Turns out we must have said it a few times and he picked up on it, and now calls him that.
Yep- asleep at the dinner table.
And finally we have Master 3.
ALWAYS referred to as Gremlin! He got that nickname due to its literal meaning- "A small mischievous monster with sharp teeth". When he was little he actually took bites out of his brothers thongs.
He is my monster, my cheeky monkey.
Charming aren't they.
In case you missed it- they are an entertaining bunch. Never dull and always full of adventure. 

Thanks for stopping by 
Chrissi xxx

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